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Vinyl Wrap Price Guide

This is a very general guide to vehicle vinyl wrap types and where pricing might start.  This is really just to give you an indication of how much coverage you might need for your vehicle.  Every vehicle is different and so the best way to receive the most accurate quote is to book in for a FREE measure & quote.  Just click here to book now. All pricing excludes GST and any artwork required is an additional charge.


Graphics REmoval

Ultimate can also assist with the removal of existing graphics from a range of vehicles if you have either purchased a vehicle with vinyl already installed or you wish to trade in your existing vehicles and need to remove your graphics.  We are Newcastle’s vinyl removal specialists.

New Or used?

Although it is recommended to install vinyl graphics onto new vehicles, used vehicles can also have vinyl signage installed onto most parts of the vehicle. A site inspection would be required to evaluate the success of the adhesion of the vinyl as some older vehicles lose their duco and a higher tack vinyl might be required to be successful.

Design Concepts

There are many considerations when designing vehicle wraps. It pays to have the right design team on board.

Vinyl Graphics Lifespan

There are many different types of vehicle wraps in the market.  How long you need your vehicle graphics to last is an important aspect of any new vehicle wrap.

Vinyl Graphics Removal

When you need to trade in your vehicle and need your graphics removed – this is entirely a possibility however there are some considerations worth discussing.

Material Types

Don’t be fooled by cheap overseas vinyl wraps some signage companies use.  It is important for the life expentancy of your wrap to use quality materials.


Small Logo

FROM $350


FROM $650

1/4 WRAP

FROM $1,800

1/2 WRAP

From $2,300

3/4 WRAP

FROM $2,800


From $4,300


Small Logo

From $450


FROM $750

1/4 WRAP

FROM $1,900

1/2 WRAP

FROM $ 2,500

3/4 WRAP

FROM $3,000


FROM $4,500